ZEV Vehicle Adoption for a 2045 Emission Free Transportation Sector in California and High Renewable Energy Penetration

Sponsored by
UC ITS Mobility Research Program; Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center
July 29 2020 14:30–15:30
Zoom Meeting
Behdad Kiani
Behdad Kiani
Project Scientist
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Davis

Techno-economic analysis of California energy system is being performed to find the future competition of FCEVs and BEVs for reaching an emission free electricity grid for 2045 in California. Challenges for reaching a 100% renewable electricity grid and the role of hydrogen infrastructure and FCEVs in achieving California’s 2045 ambitious goals will be discussed. An integrated energy systems model developed for transportation sector in California capable of analyzing economic values of electricity and hydrogen infrastructure in a multisector economy is shared with the audience including current results and expected outcomes.

Dr. Behdad Kiani is a Project Scientist at the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis. He studies vehicle grid integration of Zero Emission Vehicles, hydrogen infrastructure, storage systems for utilities load management and renewable energy penetration. He has more than 20 years of experience in techno-economic optimization and integrated energy systems modelling. Prior to joining UC Davis, he was Adjunct Faculty and Research Associate at University of British Columbia and University of Victoria. Since 2017, Dr. Kiani has been acting as PI and senior researcher for several projects within Energy Futures, Sustainable Freight and 3 Revolutions Future Mobility groups, and also for Caltrans. He holds a PhD degree in Energy Systems Engineering from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.