Transportation Systems Engineering Courses – Winter 2024

The following courses will be offered by UCI transportation faculty in Winter Quarter 2024. Most courses meet Monday and Wednesday from January 15* through March 15 (plus the following week for exams). For more information, contact the course instructor (see:

CEE 122 / 229a. Transportation Systems II: Operations and Control (4) (Jin, MWF 10-10:50am)
Introduction to fundamentals of urban traffic engineering, including data collection, analysis, and design. Traffic engineering studies, traffic flow theory, traffic control devices, traffic signals, capacity and level of service analysis of freeways and urban streets. Laboratory sessions

CEE 125. Transportation and the Environment (4) (Ramirez Ibarra, MW 11-12:20 pm)
Analysis of the impacts of motor vehicle transportation on the environment. Introduction to life cycle analysis applied to transportation. Basic economic tools for transportation externalities. Transportation planning, urban form, health, and the environment. Transportation sustainability.

CEE 220B. Travel Demand Analysis II (4) (Borowski, MW 8:30-9:50 am)
Methods of discrete choice analysis and their applications in the modeling of transportation systems. Emphasis on the development of a sound understanding of theoretical aspects of discrete choice modeling that are useful in many applications in travel demand analysis.

CEE 221B. Transportation Systems Analysis II (4) (Hyland, MW 2-3:20 pm)
Advanced mathematical methods and models to address logistics and urban transportation problems. Topics include network flows, advanced optimization techniques, network models, and heuristic algorithms.

CEE 228A. Urban Transportation Networks I (4) (McNally, MW 3:30-4:50 pm)
Analytical approaches and algorithms to the formulation and solution of the equilibrium assignment problem for transportation networks. Emphasis on user equilibrium (UE) comparison with system optimal, mathematical programming formulation, supply functions, estimation. Estimating origin-destination matrices, network design problems.

CEE 298. Transportation Data Analysis II (4) (Dean, MW 12:30-1:50 pm)
Spatial econometric models, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation models, discrete choice models.
* Many UCI faculty and students attend TRB in Washington during the week of January 7-so it is likely that most courses will start the following week.