An Optimization Framework for Shared Mobility in Dynamic Transportation Networks

*PhD Defense*
July 13 2016 09:00–12:00
4080 AIR Building
Neda Masoud
Neda Masoud
TSE PhD Candidate

Recent advances in communication technology coupled with increasing environmental concerns, road congestion, and the high cost of vehicle ownership have directed more attention to the opportunity cost of empty seats traveling throughout the transportation networks every day. Peer-to-peer (P2P) ridesharing is a good way of using the existing passenger-movement capacity on the vehicles, thereby addressing the concerns about the increasing demand for transportation that is too costly to ad-dress via infrastructural expansion.

This dissertation is dedicated to the optimization of the matching process between the partici-pants in a ridesharing system. More specifically, focus of this book is on multi-hop matching, in which riders have the possibility of transferring between vehicles. Different algorithms have been presented for various implementation strategies of ridesharing systems. Multiple case studies assess the important role ridesharing can play as a separate mode, or in conjunc-tion with other modes of transportation, in multi-modal settings.