ITS-Irvine, teamed with three other universities, is selected as a new Tier 1 University Transportation Center


USDOT today announced selection of our consortium proposal for a new Tier 1 University Transportation Center on Highly Automated Transportation Systems Research.

ITS-Irvine teamed with Ohio State University (as lead), University of Texas at Austin, and University of Cincinnati for this $1.925M, 2 year award. The new Center's Director will be ITS-Irvine Faculty Associate Zak Kassas, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCI.

USDOT provided this background: "Progress on the path toward integrating automated systems into the transportation domain for all modes of transportation (surface, aviation, and maritime) will be aided by additional research addressing challenges associated with ensuring resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) services to support automated systems. This University Transportation Center will complement the new Center of Excellence for Highly Automated Transportation Systems being implemented within the US DOT. Among the critical needs is research to support securing cyber resilient PNT receivers for use in automated systems. This UTC will carry out research to support the development of standards and or prototypes and incorporate existing U.S. Government guidance.  "

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