Modeling and Management of Emerging Mobility Systems: Based on vehicle and trip flow dynamics in absolute and relative spaces

*PhD Defense*
05/03/2022 10:00
Zoom meeting -
Irene Martinez
Irene Martinez
TSE PhD Candidate

Traffic congestion is known to have many negative impacts both for travelers and society as a whole (e.g., emissions, noise). This dissertation is centered on the modeling and analysis of vehicle and trip flow dynamics. Several transportation systems are considered, from a single bottleneck to a network region, in order to propose effective management strategies to reduce traffic congestion. Since different transportation systems are considered, different models and space paradigms are needed to model each system's dynamics. At the local level, it is reasonable to study the traffic flow in the physical road and how it evolves spatially and temporally with traditional traffic flow theory models. In contrast, when the network is highly complex (e.g., corridors with many on- and off-ramps or urban cores), it is reasonable to disregard the detailed vehicle-network interaction at the distinct physical locations and model traffic dynamics with more aggregated models in the relative space.