2020 ITS Symposium

Leveraging Mobility Innovations to Address Community Needs

Co-Sponsored by
UC ITS Statewide Transportation Research Program
Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center
UCI-National Science Foundation Smart & Connected Communities Project
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
12:30 – 2:30 pm (PT)
Kome Ajise Hasan Ikhrata Joshua Schank

Kome Ajise

Hasan Ikhrata

Joshua Schank

Executive Director
Southern California Association of
Governments (SCAG)
Chief Executive Officer
San Diego Association of
Governments (SANDAG)
Chief Innovation Officer
Los Angeles County Metropolitan
Transportation Authority (Metro)

The three featured expert panelists will be discussing the various ways that their particular cities and region are leveraging mobility innovations and how they are addressing community needs. We will learn about Sandag's Five Big Moves that involve five key strategies for mobility, as well as how the Los Angeles region plans to recover from the impact of the pandemic while being sensitive to equity issues.

The recording is now available on YouTube.