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  Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering • University of California, Irvine


Professors CS Bucknam and MG McNally

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Course Overview: The objectives of CEE 181 are: (a) to prepare students to understand the ethical, societal, legal, and contractual details in a complete civil and environmental engineering project; (b) to introduce students to team work required in a real-world civil engineering firm; and (c) to impart a global view about the process of design and the integration of individual designs as performed in professional practice.

CEE 181A focuses on team planning, design, and scheduling of site development efforts, beginning with submission of a project proposal describing the proposed design, and then completing planning, design, and cost estimates;

CEE 181B focuses on team development, design, and management of an infrastructure design project, responding to client objectives, development and design constraints, and bringing design to a 30 percent completion.

CEE 181C continues the design project from CEE181B, including responding to client and reviewer questions and concerns, completing final design, culminating in professional reports and presentations.

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