ITS Seminar

Presenter Affiliation Title Time

Daisik Nam Daisik Nam

TSE PhD Candidate Modelling and Optimization of Shared-Mobility Systems with Agent’s Envy as a Paradigm for Fairness & Behavior September 5 2019 10:00–12:00

Jun Hyeong Park Jun Hyeong Park

TSE PhD Candidate Environmental Impacts of Various Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles Incentivized in California September 4 2019 13:00–16:00

Sheng-Hsiang Peng Sheng-Hsiang Peng

TSE PhD Candidate Environmental & Health Benefits of Airport Congestion Pricing: The Case of Los Angeles International Airport August 26 2019 10:00–13:00

Kara Kockelman Kara Kockelman

The University of Texas at Austin
Anticipating a World of Autonomous Vehicles: Implications & Opportunities for our Communities June 7 2019 10:30–12:00

Avipsa Roy Avipsa Roy

PhD candidate
Arizona State University
The role of crowdsourced Big data in detecting mobility patterns from active transportation modes in urban areas May 24 2019 10:30–12:00

Linda Hill Linda Hill

Clinical Professor
University of California San Diego
Findings from the AAA LongROAD study of older drivers and An Overview of Public Health Intervention from UCSD Training Research and Education for Driving Safety May 3 2019 10:30–12:00

Carlos A. Ortiz Carlos A. Ortiz

Chief Operating Officer and Principal
Preparing a Region for Connected/Automated Vehicles Deployment April 26 2019 10:30–12:00

Ann Campbell Ann Campbell

Professor and Director
Management Sciences
University of Iowa
The Impact of Parking on the Use of Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Delivery April 19 2019 10:30–12:00

Anita Bhappu Anita Bhappu

Associate Professor
University of California, Merced
Service Delivery in the Sharing Economy: Assumptions and Technology Affordances for Service Interactions on Ridesharing Platforms April 5 2019 10:00–11:30

Qi Alfred Chen Qi Alfred Chen

Assistant Professor
UC Irvine
Ghost Cars and Fake Obstacles: Automated Security Analysis of Emerging Smart Transportation Systems March 22 2019 10:30–12:00