ITS Seminar

Presenter Affiliation Title Time

Danielle Kochman Danielle Kochman

Assistant Transit Planner
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
Planning for the Future of Mobility January 31 2019 12:30–15:00

Rani Narula-Woods Rani Narula-Woods

Senior Director of Special Projects at the Office of Extraordinary Innovation
LA Metro
MicroTransit January 31 2019 12:30–15:00

Michael MacKinnon Michael MacKinnon

Senior Scientist at the Advanced Power and Energy Program
University of California, Irvine
Assessing the Air Quality Impacts of Transportation January 29 2019 19:45–20:00

Michael Hyland Michael Hyland

Assistant Professor
UC Irvine
Autonomous Vehicle-enabled Mobility: Societal Implications and Research Challenges January 29 2019 19:30–19:45

Bruce Appleyard Bruce Appleyard

San Diego State University Measuring & Doing The Right Things In The Era Of Driverless Cars: Creating Smart, Livable, & Equitable Streets And Cities With Autonomous Vehicles December 7 2018 10:45–11:45

Hong K. Lo Hong K. Lo

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Adaptive Coordinated Traffic Control For Stochastic Demand August 27 2018 11:00–12:00

Pierre Milton Caluna Auza Pierre Milton Caluna Auza

TSE PhD Candidate Modeling Disruptions to Roadway Network Bridges, Restoration Workforce, and Vehicle‐carried Information Flow for Infrastructure Management August 24 2018 10:00–12:00

Karina Hermawan Karina Hermawan

TS PhD Candidate Transportation Network Companies’ (TNC) Impacts and Potential at Airports August 10 2018 10:00–12:00

Qinglong Yan Qinglong Yan

TSE PhD Candidate Automatic Identification of Near-Stationary Traffic States and Application on Multi-Lane Multi-Class Fundamental Diagram Calibration August 7 2018 15:00–17:00

Felipe Augusto de Souza Felipe Augusto de Souza

TSE PhD Candidate The Impacts of Capacity Drop on Control of Freeways: Model and Simulation Analysis July 26 2018 10:00–12:00