• UCI Transportation Courses 2000/2001
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FALL 2000
CEE 110 Methods III: Modeling, Economics, and Management Jayakrishnan
CEE 220a Travel Demand Analysis I McNally
CEE 221a Transportation Systems Analysis I Jayakrishnan
CEE 283 Engineering Math Pardoen
CEE 295b CE Transportation Seminar Regan
Econ 210a Microeconomics I Skaperdas
Econ 220a Stats & Econometrics I Poirer
Econ 220d Stats & Econometrics IV Brownstone
Econ 281a Urban Economics I Black
Econ 285a Transportation Science Colloquium Small
URP U202 History of Planning Bollens
URP U206 Microeconomics for Planning Boarnet
URP U211 Urban Design & Behavior Day
URP U237 Geographical Information Systems DeVoy
URP U253 Site Planning Worthington
SocSci 201c Sampling Techniques Newcomb
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CEE 121 Transportation Systems I: Analysis and Design Ritchie
CEE 198 Transportation Engineering Project (ITE) McNally
CEE 228a Transportation Network Analysis I McNally
CEE 229a Traffic Operations and Control I Ritchie
CEE 282 Stochastic Modeling: Analysis and Simulation Regan
CEE 295b CE Transportation Seminar McNally
Econ 210b Microeconomics II Ranjan
Econ 220b Stats & Econometrics II Poirer
Econ 223a Discrete Choice Econometrics Small
Econ 281b Urban Economics II Small
Econ 285b Transportation Science Colloquium Mohring
URP U223 Regional Analysis Suarez-Villa
URP U275 Environmental Economics Saphores
SocSci 201a Descriptive Multivariate Statistics I Newcomb
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CEE 11 Methods II: Probability and Statistics Regan
CEE 122 Transportation Systems II: Operations and Control Recker
CEE 123 Transportation Systems III: Planning and Forecasting McNally
CEE 198 Transportation Engineering Project (ITE) McNally
CEE 220c Travel Demand Analysis III: Activity-based Models Recker
CEE 225b Transportation Planning Models II McNally
CEE 229b Traffic Operations and Control II Jayakrishnan
CEE 295b CE Transportation Seminar Ritchie
Econ 149 Cities and Transport Walls
Econ 210c Microeconomics III Walls
Econ 220c Stats & Econometrics III Tobias
Econ 224a Time Series Econometrics I Wadhwa
Econ 285c Transportation Science Colloquium Fielding
EAD E148U Cities and Transport Boarnet
URP U238 Advanced Geographical Information Systems DeVoy
URP U244 Land Use Policy Bollens
SocEcol 266a Structural Equation Modeling Jacobson
SocSci 201b Descriptive Multivariate Statistics II Newcomb
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