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FALL 2014
CEE 121 Transportation Systems I: Analysis & Design RitchieTT 12:30-2p
CEE 81a Civil Engineering Practicum I JayakrishnanTu 5-6:50p
CEE 181a Senior Design Practicum I Bucknam/McNallyTu 7-8:20p
Engr 189 Transportation: ITE Project RitchieW 1-1:50p
PPD 4 Intro Urban Studies TorresW 7-9:50p
PPD 107 Urban and Reg Plan staffMW 3-5:50p
PPD 108 Cities and Transport KimMW 12:30-2p
MAE 170 Intro Control Systems SiderisMWF 3-3:50p
CEE 220a Travel Demand Analysis I ReckerMW 1:30-3p
CEE 221a Transportation Systems Analysis I JayakrishnanMW 3:30-5p
CEE 283 Engineering Math GaoTT 2-3:20p
CEE 295b TSE Seminar JinF 10-10:50p
MAE 200A Engineering Analysis I JabbariTT 2-3:20p
MAE 270A Linear Systems I staffMW 12-1:20p
ICS 260 Fund Algorithms HirschbergMW 9:30-11a
Stats 210 Statistical Methods I UttsMW 11-12:20p
Econ 210a Microeconomic Theory I SkaperdasMW 10-11:20a
Econ 220a Stats & Econometrics I PoirerTT 9:30-11a
PPD 202 History of Urban Planning BollensTT 9:30-11a
PPD 231 Transp & Environ Health HoustonTu 2-4:50a
PPD 237 GIS TitaM 9:30-11a
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CEE 111 Methods IV: Systems Analysis & Decision Making SaphoresMWF 3-4p
CEE 122 Transportation Systems II: Operations and Control JinMWF 11-11:50
CEE 181b Senior Design Practicum II Bucknam/McNallyTT 5-6:20p
Engr 189 Transportation: ITE Project RitchieW 1-1:50p
PPD 131 Sustainability I MatthewW 7-10p
Econ 144a Urban Economics I ShahMWF 1-1:50p
Econ 145e Econ of Environ RothMWF 11-11:50a
CEE 220b Travel Demand Analysis II ReckerMW 11-12:20
CEE 224a Transportation Data Analysis I SaphoresMW 12:30-2p
CEE 226a Traffic Flow Theory I JinMW 2-3:20p
CEE 228a Transportation Networks I McNallyMW 3:30-5p
CEE 295c Transportation Seminar JinF 12-1p
Econ 210b Microeconomic Theory II CarvalhoTT 2-3:20p
Econ 220b Stats & Ecnmtrcs II BrownstoneTT 9:30-11a
Econ 281a Urban Econ BruecknerMW 10-11:20a
Econ 285a Transportation Science Colloquium SmallF 12-2p
PPD 212 Transportation Planning CatzT 11-2p
PPD 235 GIS and Planning staffTh 6:30-9:20p
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CEE 11 Methods II: Probability and Statistics JinMWF 2-3p
CEE 110 Methods III: Modeling, Economics, and Management SaphoresTT 2-3:20
CEE 123 Transportation Systems III: Planning and Forecasting McNallyMW 5-6:20p
CEE 124 Freeway Oper & Cntl RitchieTT 11-12:20
CEE 181c Senior Design Practicum III McNallyTT 5-6:20p
Engr 189 Transportation: ITE Project RitchieW 1-2p
SocEcol E8 Environ Anlys & Design WhiteleyTT 3:30-5pm
PPD 132 Sustainability II MatthewW 7-10
Econ 144b Urban Economics II ShahTT 5-6:20p
Econ 144f Econ of Environ II RothTT 3:30-5p
CEE 221b Transport Systems Anys II ReckerTT 9:30-11a
CEE 225b Transport Plan Models II McNallyMW 5-6:20p
CEE 228b Transportation Networks II JayakrishnanMW 2-3:30p
CEE 290 Merging Models and Data VrugtTT 5-6:20p
CEE 295 Seminar in Transport JinF 10-11
Econ 210c Microeconomic Theory III KopylovTT 11-12:20a
Econ 220c Stats & Econometrics III BrownstoneTT 9:30-11
Econ 281b Urban Econ II BruecknerMW 9:30-11am
Mgmt 285 Supply Chain Mgmt GuiW 7-10pm
PPD 224 Env Pol & Policy FeldmanTT 11-12:20p
PPD 244 Land Use Policy BollensTT 9:30-11a
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